MODRATEC provides the information on this page to assist those who may experience difficulties viewing the content of our web site because of interaction with their internet security system.

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A security note from MODRATEC

If you are experiencing difficulty viewing this site, it may relate to firewall or other internet security settings. Some such systems may prevent the display of images.

Much of the important content of our pages is in image form, including many of the tables in the data section.

The following comments are offered to help you to get the most out of the MODRATEC website. We do not do sneaky things like feeding you uninvited pop-ups or pop-unders. If anything like that happens we want to know about it because it will not have come from us.

Go Secure:

One option is to try accessing our site via this secure (SSL) link. In fact, you have already transferred to our secure link, so if you can see our logo in the top right corner of the page, then this option works for you.

Configuration Change:

Otherwise, you may need to consider making a configuration adjustment to your firewall or internet security system.

Using Norton Internet Security 2004 as an example, the following change should enable images to be displayed.

From the Status & Settings panel, double-click Privacy Control or Ad Blocking to open the configuration panel. Then select Advanced. In the left window, add an entry for "". With "" selected click the Global Settings tab. Change the setting of Information about visited sites to Permit. If you scan through the existing sites on the list, you will find quite a number which adopt this setting. MODRATEC assures you that such information is collected purely for statistical purposes and is never passed to any third parties.

Ad Blocking:

The ad blocking feature of internet security systems is understandably dynamic. As advertising mechanisms change, ad blocking must change similarly. Unfortunately, non-advertising sites may suddenly seem like advertising sites to a security system because of new definitions. If you notice that content of this site seems to be blocked, please let us know by sending us an email telling us what security system you are using and, if possible, the ad blocking rule which is being triggered.


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