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The following topics are covered below in alphabetical order:

  • Acceptance of orders
  • Age suitability
  • Applicable law
  • Construction Manual
  • Cookies
  • Currency
  • Duties and taxes
  • Guarantee
  • Orders which include interlocking
  • Payment options
  • Refunds

Acceptance of orders

Subject to verification of address details, shipping restrictions, and import restrictions, orders are accepted on-line through the MODRATEC Shop, by email to MODRATEC, or by mail. No order will be dispatched until full payment has been cleared by our bank.

Age suitability

MODRATEC Lever Frame Kits are not suitable for construction by young children. Further, wire-in-tube (WIT) components include very hard wire which can easily cause serious injury if not carefully handled according to instructions. Reasonable workshop skills are necessary. We recommend that parent/s or guardian/s advise any interested child about suitability. MODRATEC reserves the right to refuse to sell a Lever Frame Kit or wire-in-tube (WIT) components to children under the age of 16 years.

Applicable law

All purchases from MODRATEC are subject to the laws of Queensland, Australia.

Construction Manual

Where applicable, a Construction Manual is automatically generated to meet the requirements of each Kit. It will be available to the customer as soon as payment is confirmed and the Kit is ready for dispatch. This allows the customer to begin preparations and to become familiar with techniques as soon as possible. It is particularly important to read and understand the Safety Precautions section. The Construction Manual is web-based and each customer will be advised of their unique security-coded URL (web address) giving them personal access. Customers without access to the internet may request a printed Construction Manual for which there will be a nominal charge.


There is no part of the MODRATEC web site which relies on the use of cookies. The MODRATEC Guest Lounge and The MODRATEC Shop will use benign cookies if your browser allows it, but they will also operate satisfactorily even if you have disabled cookies. However, you should be aware that certain features of the site will not function optimally in the absence of cookies.


All financial dealings with MODRATEC are expressed in and must be transacted in Australian Dollars (AUD).

Notwithstanding the above paragraph, customers may select a different currency in order to see indicative prices in that currency. These are calculated on the basis of an exchange rate that is updated daily. The official rate is inflated by 2.5% in order to represent a reasonable equivalent of commercial exchange calculations. When a currency other than Australian Dollars is being shown, a symbol is added to remind the customer that this is an approximate price only. All purchase transaction are completed using Australian Dollars (AUD) irrespective of the currency selected.

Duties and taxes

All prices quoted to Australian customers include G.S.T. (Goods and Services Tax) at 10%.

Non-Australian customers are exempt from G.S.T. (except when they require MODRATEC to purchase shipping insurance) but should be aware that they may be required to pay taxes and/or customs duties on imported goods. Such foreign taxes and duties are not included in MODRATEC's charges. Customers are advised to check with the relevant authorities in their own countries to determine likely costs.


MODRATEC guarantees that each component of a MODRATEC Lever Frame Kit meets our manufacturing specification. We will replace any parts found to be outside the relevant specification, although we cannot accept responsibility for damage which occurs during transit or after receipt by the customer. Any parts claimed to be faulty must be returned to MODRATEC at the customer's expense. If we determine that we have sent a faulty part, we will replace it free of charge including our shipping cost. Notwithstanding the previous sentences of this paragraph, we will do whatever we can to expedite any such claims by mutual agreement between ourselves and our customers. Any such claims must be made known to MODRATEC as soon as possible and no later than three (3) calendar months from the date on which goods are received by the customer. MODRATEC accepts no responsibility for any error made by customers in the construction of their Kits, nor in their specification of interlocking where applicable.

MODRATEC also guarantees that the mechanical aspects of any interlocking design when correctly built according to the Construction Manual provided with a Lever Frame Kit will agree with the behaviour of the corresponding SigScribe4 and/or Interlocking Table File design.

Orders which include interlocking

Because interlocking is specific to the requirements of a particular track layout and signalling scheme, MODRATEC cannot proceed with orders for Interlocking Lever Frames until we receive the computer file(s) for the design. This may take the form of a SigScribe4 design, and/or an Interlocking Table File that is compatible with our ITF specification.

A member of staff at MODRATEC will check each design for any obvious design errors before filling the order. However, MODRATEC cannot guarantee the absolute integrity of every design submitted - that is the responsibility of the designer. If any change is recommended, the customer will be advised of this, together with any price adjustment that may result.

Payment options

Payments may be made on-line using PayPal, MasterCard, or Visa card, or their international equivalents. If goods cannot be dispatched on the same day that an order is received, the financial transaction will not be completed until the date of dispatch.

Payments may be made by cheque, money order, or postal order - for each option in Australian Dollars only. Such payments will not be recognised until the funds have been cleared into MODRATEC's bank account.

Payments may be made by electronic transfer to MODRATEC's nominated bank account.


Refunds will be made only if an order is cancelled before it has been dispatched by MODRATEC. Such refund may be reduced by a cancellation fee based on the cost of any required financial transactions and/or wasted packing time and materials. Refunds will be made either by cheque or money order in Australian Dollars, or by credit card refund, or by direct deposit to a nominated bank account, at the discretion of MODRATEC. The amount of a refund will be calculated in Australian Dollars. Alternatively, by agreement with the customer, a refund may be used as credit towards a subsequent purchase from MODRATEC.

Goods will not be accepted for refund simply because a customer has a change of mind.

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