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MODRATEC is a young business which calls upon decades of experience to offer innovative solutions to problems faced by railway modellers.

That experience includes engineering with British Railways Board (as it was) and Queensland Railways, lecturing in Electrical Engineering at Queensland University of Technology, electronics and computer retailing, computer programming, as well as a practical commitment to the great hobby of railway modelling.

Our Philosophy:

The name MODRATEC comes from the words MODel RAilway TEChnologies.

We believe in technology as a tool to problem solving. That's nothing new! Technology has been helping human-kind to find answers to mysteries for millennia. Consequently we are committed to using appropriate modern technologies to develop products which enhance the experience of railway modelling for the modeller, the operator, and the viewer. Our goal is to use modern technologies to permit the modeller to re-create the technologies of the railway era.

We understand what it is to model-on-a-shoestring. For that reason we will develop products which as far as possible minimise the financial burden on the modeller by offering precision kits, while at the same time empowering the modeller to achieve very satisfactory results with minimal skills and tools.

We believe in the importance of education. Wherever possible we will endeavour to encourage modellers by providing the tools to greater knowledge and understanding.

Business Name and Logo:

The business name "MODRATEC" is registered as an Australian partnership, Business Number : BN18240161.

The logo MODRATEC Logo is registered in Australia as Trade Mark No. 928852 and is consequently protected by international treaty.

MODRATEC is registered for GST (Goods and Services Tax) purposes: Australian Business Number: ABN 84 367 205 430.


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