Privacy Notice

MODRATEC accepts the legal requirements of Australia's Privacy Act 1988 and adopts the National Privacy Principles. Our Privacy Policy explains how we handle personal and sensitive information about our customers and those who visit the web site.

The personal information we collect

As part of our web site management, we collect statistical data about a visitor's ip address, browser, operating system, and referrer (for example a search engine). Personal details are collected through the registration process.

Giving personal information to third parties

No information which MODRATEC collects about any of its customers or web site visitors is passed to any third party with the exception of essential data for completing a financial transaction as noted below.

Our use of personal information

Statistical data is used only to indicate general trends in order to assist the management of our business. Statistical data will not be used on an individual basis except to trace any persons or organisations attempting criminal access to non-public files on our web site server. An ip address associated with such activity will be denied access to any part of the web site.

Registration details are used only to identify the legitimate ownership of products (for example, SigScribe4) or to validate access to The MODRATEC Shop.

On-line financial transactions

On-line payments are processed by PayPal. MODRATEC does not collect or store your financial information.

Off-line financial transactions

In off-line situations where you reveal your credit card details to us, we will use that information only to complete your transaction and we undertake to destroy such information when the transaction is complete.

Protection of personal information

Any personal details which MODRATEC stores in electronic form are maintained in password protected files. Much of the information is also encrypted. MODRATEC takes every reasonable step to protect personal details but cannot rule out the possibility of access by a determined criminal.

Communication privacy

For all access to our web site we offer a secure (SSL) server option. We encourage visitors to take advantage of this in order to maximise their protection from theft of personal information during its transmission between their browser and our server. It should be recognised that standard email communication is not secure and therefore should not be used to transmit sensitive information like credit card details.

Breach of privacy

If it is believed that personal details have reached a third party by way of the MODRATEC web site, the owner of that information in encouraged to inform us immediately so that we can investigate and deal with the claim. As much detail as possible should be provided. (Contact details)

Continuing service

Any person whose details have been made known to MODRATEC may receive communication from us regarding product updates or product releases or special offers. If we are advised that the person does not wish to receive such information, we will respect that wish unless the matter relates to product safety or legal requirement. On the other hand, our customers have the obligation to keep us informed of changes in personal information if we are to continue providing optimal service.

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