MODRATEC Useful Data (otherwise known as MUD) is a series of pages containing helpful information particularly relevant to rail modellers. The tables on this page use our easy-to-compare format to show wire diameters for the most popular gauge (gage) standards.

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Comparative Wire Sizes

The tables below cover the imperial and metric wire gauges (gages) commonly available.

  • SWG = Standard Wire Gauge (British)
  • AWG = American Wire Gauge (aka B&S)
  • B&S = Brown & Sharpe (aka AWG)
  • S&W = an American imperial standard for music wire.

Corrected 17-Oct-2003: 18½ Metric Piano.
Corrected 17-Nov-2004: 6/0 S&W Piano.

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Wire Table 1 Wire Table 2 Wire Table 3 Wire Table 4 Wire Table 5 Wire Table 6 Wire Table 7 Wire Table 8 Wire Table 9


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