MODRATEC Useful Data (otherwise known as MUD) is a series of pages containing helpful information particularly relevant to rail modellers. This page tabulates the colours used for levers in mechanical lever frames as specified in the current British Rail Safety & Standards Board - Railway Group Standards guidance notes.

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Standard Lever Colours

The following table is based on information found in the Railway Group Guidance Notes GK/GN0525 dated October 2003 and published by the Rail Safety and Standards Board - Railway Group Standards.

Lever Colour(s)

Lever Function(s)


Distant signal
Lever collars (for electrical isolations)


Stop signal (main or miniature)
Ground signal
Route lever (controlling route indicator)
Lever collars


Facing point locks
Clearance bar


Quadrants, catch blocks and boxes

Blue (top)
Black (bottom)

Combined points/facing point lock (including Power points and economic points)


Wicket gates
Gate stops and locks
Bridge locks
Turntable locks


Asking lever


Spare lever
Fixed lever (Apparatus removed from lineside)

Blue (top)
Brown (bottom)
(Where specified for consistency within a limited geographical area, alternative colour schemes may be used.)

Release lever
Switch lever
Annetts key lever
Bolt locking lever
Direction Lever

Red (top)
Brown (bottom)

Acceptance lever

Alternate brown and white stripes

King lever

Alternative black/white chevrons
(Chevrons point up for up line or down for down line; on single lines, chevrons point in both directions.)


Red (top)
Alternate black/white chevrons (bottom)
(Chevron direction as noted above.)

Signals working with detonator placers

Red (top)
Yellow (bottom)

Combined home and associated distant signal (eg IB Signal)

White (top)
Colour of original function (bottom)
(Where specified for consistency within a limited geographical area, alternative colour schemes may be used.)

Levers worked to maintain locking or out of use and bolted secure but with locking still attached. Where the lever is to be operated, the lever top should be shortened and the requirement to pull the lever to maintain locking (or for interlocking purposes only) should be indicated to the signaller.

Additional horizontal white band

Any lever released from another signal box


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