SigScribe4 has been specifically developed by MODRATEC as a design tool. Its purpose is to enable the design and simulation of mechanically interlocked Lever Frames, particularly, those manufactured by MODRATEC for model railway builders. This documentation details the use of SigScribe4.


SigScribe4 - Documentation - Introduction


The MODRATEC Lever Frame

Photo of Lever Frame

MODRATEC has designed a fully customisable and affordable interlocked mechanical Lever Frame for use on model railway systems. It adds a new dimension of model railway operation previously available only to the very skilled designer and fabricator. It brings within the scope of the average enthusiast the single feature most lacking in model railways - a credible signalling system.

The MODRATEC Lever Frame is not limited to mechanical signalling applications. It can be successfully and easily incorporated to operate an automatic or manual colour light signalling scheme. And it can interlock imaginary signals beyond the baseboard limits adding a further dimension of realism.

The MODRATEC Lever Frame is supplied in kit form comprising solid brass and stainless steel components. A series of tools and jigs minimise the level of skill necessary for fabrication. Premium Kits further simplify the process being supplied with all holes pre-drilled and tapped.

Perhaps the greatest obstacle faced by modellers is the mystery of signal engineering and its associated logical and mathematical principles. And that's where SigScribe4 comes in!



SigScribe4 is a software package specifically designed by MODRATEC to enable the model railway enthusiast to create a Signal Diagram and interlocking table for almost any layout. Even those with little knowledge of this process are guided towards an increased knowledge of signalling principles and a successful design.

Users can derive pleasure and learning with SigScribe4. Virtual layouts can be designed and their Lever Frames operated with full interlocking. A real railway site can be simulated just for fun and interest. Or a Lever Frame design can be built as a stand-alone demonstration unit. The possibilities are many.

Once you have completed a Lever Frame design that you wish to build, MODRATEC can use your SigScribe4 file to generate your customised order for the parts required.


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The Basics of SigScribe4

Simple Tutorial

Advanced Tutorial

The Principles of Railway Signalling

Using the Symbol Tables


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