SigScribe4 is Interlocking Design Software specifically developed by MODRATEC to enable rail modellers to design the mechanical interlocking for their Lever Frames. It is available as a free download.

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Authentic signalling is no longer the province of the specialist.

[Mac Screen Shot] SigScribe4 running on Macintosh®

[Windows Screen Shot] SigScribe4 running on Windows®

SigScribe4 is your personal signal engineering department. It gives you the capability to design interlocking lever frames to operate the signals and points on your model railway.

To download SigScribe4, click here.

Take a look at the quality features of SigScribe4:

  • Available for Windows®, Macintosh® OS-X, and Linux® operating systems (ask about others).
  • Frames up to 180 Levers.
  • Includes full range of track formations.
  • Includes level crossings.
  • Includes catch points (derails).
  • Includes facing point locks.
  • Includes outer-distant signals.
  • Includes intermediate block signals.
  • Includes various interlocking options.
  • Includes slotting.
  • Includes Detonator Placers.
  • Easy visual route definition.
  • Fully simulates the mechanical interlocking design, not just the locking table.
  • Full visualisation of routes set.
  • Applicable to mechanical semaphore signalling.
  • Applicable to colour light signalling.
  • Applicable to semi-automatic signalling.
  • An educational tool.
  • Printer Interface.
  • Full documentation. (See documentation now.)


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