MODRATEC Useful Data (otherwise known as MUD) is a series of pages containing helpful information particularly relevant to rail modellers. The tables on this page use our easy-to-compare format to show tapping drills suitable for UNF threads.

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Tapping Drill Sizes for UNF Threads

The following tables show the range of drill sizes suitable for tapping UNF (Unified National Fine) screw threads.

The first table gives general information about UNF threads - the thread angle, and, for each size, the nominal diameter and thread pitch.

Please also read the general comment on the Tapping Index page.

UNF table UNF tapping 1 UNF tapping 2 UNF tapping 3 UNF tapping 4 UNF tapping 5 UNF tapping 6 UNF tapping 7 UNF tapping 8 UNF tapping 9


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