Alteration to frame/railway

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Alteration to frame/railway

Post by dthead »

Just wondering what the policy for frame alteration is.

Like real railways, model railways alter and grow. I thought I might ask as this would be a big thing.

I assume one has redo the software and reorder a new frame, and the old frame is tuned for a upgrade fee ???? Or can the frame be altered ?

I know is is a hard question for a interlocked frame builder. And it would be frustrating as well.But I'd thought I'd ask to clear it up.

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Post by RedFred »

Upgrading a frame is possible, although not necessarily simple. Our general advice is to design for your ultimate requirement (and any intermediate steps which you can visualise) so that you know how many Levers and Slots you will require. It may then be possible to build the "eventual" frame but only implement/connect the levers required for the current layout.

Alternatively, knowing your eventual requirements, design for your current situation but allocate spare levers for future use. If your eventual design requires more Slots than your current design, then order for that requirement and advise us, when ordering, of this special arrangement. This will allow you to reuse the maximum number of components when rebuilding. When you need to modify your frame, we can organise a special order of the (probably few) new items required.
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altering frames

Post by MikeFozzy »

Original railway frames had spare levers to allow for alterations. Further, if neccesary, additional locking trays could be added as required.

For modellers, though, why not add a separate frame for another part of the layout? This would not necessarily mean more operators.

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