Size of baseboard cut-out + vertical dimensions

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Size of baseboard cut-out + vertical dimensions

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This information applies to frame kits supplied up to and including January 2013. For current kits, please see the "Size of MODRATEC Lever Frames" topic in this forum.

To mount a MODRATEC Lever Frame you need the following dimensions for a rectangular cut-out in the base board.

for 6 levers = 68mm
for 12 levers = 133mm
for 18 levers = 199mm
for 24 levers = 264mm
for 30 levers = 329mm
for 36 levers = 394mm
for 42 levers = 459mm
for 48 levers = 525mm
for 54 levers = 590mm
for 60 levers = 655mm

Depth (front to rear): (based on Locking Bar Slots obtained from Quotation function)
for Levers Only (no interlocking) = 71mm
for 2 or 3 slots = 109mm
for 4 slots = 118mm
for 5 slots = 128mm
for 6 slots = 138mm
for 7 slots = 147mm
for 8 slots = 157mm
for 9 slots = 166mm
for 10 slots = 176mm
for 11 slots = 186mm
for 12 slots = 195mm
for 13 slots = 205mm
for 14 slots = 214mm
for 15 slots = 224mm
for 16 slots = 234mm
for 17 slots = 243mm
for 18 slots = 253mm
for 19 slots = 262mm
for 20 slots = 272mm

When mounted, the top of the Levers is 65mm above the upper surface of the base board.

When mounted, the bottom of the Levers is 20mm below the upper surface of the base board. If fitted with early-style (pre June 2012) auxiliary switches, the bottom of the switch setting screws is 45mm below the upper surface of the base board. If fitted with our current Auxiliary Switch Units, the bottom of the terminal blocks is 41mm below the upper surface of the base board.
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Mounting of MODRATEC lever frames

Post by roger »

In the MODRATEC Construction manual, it is suggested that a cut out be made in the baseboard. The previous post gives dimensions of the cutout. I believe the majority of modellers will not have the spare "real estate" to accommodate the frame in this manner.
In our installation of the frame for Ken's Crossing in the AMRA Victorian Branch, the frame will be mounted on a 70 x 19mm hardwood frame which will be screwed to the layout framework to project into the aisle.
The frame consists ot four pieces of 70 x 19mm wood. Ensure the wood you select is straight! The front of the frame is 38mm wider than the width dimension given by MODRATEC. The back of the frame is the same width as given by MODRATEC. Two side pieces are as long as necessary to allow attachment to the layout. The clamps commonly called "Quick Grip" (no modeller doing benchwork should be without several of these) are used to hold the frame togther while it is being screwed.
The two side pieces are butt joined to the front piece. The back of the frame is screwed leaving the recommended gap to allow for the depth of the lever frame.
As for mounting the lever frame, all that needs to be done is to cut slots about 12mm deep for the bearers to sit in (refer to Option 2 "Step 6 Mounting and Preliminary Assembly".
Another advantage of this method is that all construction work can take place on the work bench rather than what may be a difficult location somewhere on the layout.
By the way, for an explanation and signal diagram of Ken's Crossing, refer to SigScrib4 examples .
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