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MODRATEC. Get on board and join the Club!

It's been quite a while, and I apologise for that. Back in November 2019, I asked for your bright ideas.

Overwhelmingly, you offered support and encouragement. Many of you expressed your belief that MODRATEC should continue in some form - that it is too important a concept to be allowed to just fade away. I am enormously gratified by that, and I BELIEVE THAT IT WILL CONTINUE.

Although I have had contact with some of you since that last newsletter, for many, my "disappearance" will seem mysterious. Initially, I closed the order book so that I could catch up with things. However, soon after that, my wife, Noela, became unwell, and my time needed to be very much concentrated on my devotion and care for her. I am very pleased to report that Noela is now definitely on the mend.

I had also explored the possibility of selling MODRATEC. Although a couple of possibilities did develop, I didn't have the time or energy to pursue these to any conclusion. The COVID crisis didn't help either. In any case, I really feel that MODRATEC is best suited to a non-commercial model. Consequently, I have made the decision to make most of MODRATEC's designs public domain via the mechanism of an online club.

When it comes to manufacturing parts, some people will have the ability and equipment to "do their own thing". Others may be willing to make parts for club members at a negotiated price. Such "cottage manufacturing" could be based in many countries and thereby minimise any shipping costs. Members of the club could collectively develop designs for the benefit of all. There is always room for improvement in any design, and SigScribe4 is certainly well overdue for an update.

At this stage, the one element of MODRATEC that I would retain initially is to provide the interlocking solution required to actually build a working frame. Naturally, this is not required for non-interlocking frames.

So, how do we form this club? How do we make it all happen?

I think that the first step is to recruit a team of advisers so that a suitable club or association model can be devised. I would particularly value the input of people who have direct involvement in existing online clubs.

To that end, please let me know if you are willing to become involved in this way. Just send me an email outlining your particular area of interest or expertise indicating any relevant first-hand experience. Let me know. too, where you are based (time zone considerations), and what experience you have of using MODRATEC products. I would then set up an online meeting so that we can begin the planning process.

I really hope that you find this idea positive an exciting. I look forward to hearing from you..

Please feel free to share this message with anyone else, any groups, that you feel could be interested.

Regards and best wishes,
Harold Fanshawe
All the best from "modadmin"
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