About rail-interlock.com

rail-interlock.com is a wiki-style resource developed by MODRATEC in order to define railway safety engineering functions and practice. Make your comments and pose your questions here.
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About rail-interlock.com

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We have recently launched rail-interlock.com ( http://rail-interlock.com ) as a wiki-style site aimed at defining the functions of railway signalling and interlocking. There is only a minimal skeleton at this stage.

If you have a particular interest in this area of knowledge, please consider offering your services as an author. Only registered authors will be permitted to add and edit content.

The concept is to create a single tree structure of information beginning from the most generic of definitions before moving to the more specific information relating to particular real-world applications and practice.

Please contact us for further information or to register your interest in becoming an author. http://MODRATEC.com/contact.php
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