(LS) Slot-wit 4-Input


Slot-wit is a mechanical gate which can be configured to perform a logical AND or OR function. It has four inputs that are logically combined to drive the output.

As an AND gate it is used for “slotting” where a single semaphore arm is controlled by more than one lever frame. An example is the situation in which the “distant” arm for the following section is mounted on the same post as the starting “home” arm for the previous section. The “distant” arm clears only when the “distant” lever AND the “home” lever are both pulled. Another application is the control of 3-position semaphores.

As an OR gate it is used to simulate conditional interlocking where a single arm can be controlled by a number of interlocked levers in one frame (not prototypical). The arm will clear if one lever OR another is pulled.

Full instructions included.

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