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Designing Interlocking - the options

MODRATEC mechanically interlocked lever fames must be uniquely designed for each model railway layout signalling scheme. Interlocking may seem a little daunting for most, so MODRATEC has done what it can to make this task somewhat more manageable.

Option 1 - SigScribe4

SigScribe4 is computer software developed by MODRATEC specifically to enable the railway modeller to design the mechanical interlocking needed for their particular layout. It may be downloaded free of charge from this web site [ link ].

SigScribe4 can be used with Windows, Mac, or Linux operating systems. It is fully documented and includes tutorials and an article about the basics of signalling. Support is offered through the Guest Lounge forum, and by email.

Using SigScribe4 the modeller can draw a track plan, position signals, and define the routes that each signal protects. SigScribe4 then creates a mechanical interlocking design and simulates it so the user can ensure that the lever frame behaves as expected.

Option 2 - Interlocking Table File

The Interlocking Table File (ITF) method is intended to be used in conjunction with SigScribe4. MODRATEC has developed a text-based language by which interlocking may be defined.

As well as basic interlocking, ITF may be used to define conditional interlocking that is currently beyond the scope of SigScribe4. However, SigScribe4 can still be used to simulate locking designed using the ITF method.

The ITF specification may be downloaded free of charge from this web site [ link ].

Option 3 - Send us a Diagram

If you feel that interlocking design is beyond your capabilities, we are quite happy to develop a design for you. Simply send us as much information as possible, including diagrams, of the layout that you wish to interlock. See our contact details.

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