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MODRATEC has been manufacturing mechanically interlocked Lever Frames in kit form since 2004. They are customised to the specific requirements of the layout they are intended to control. Furthermore, we have put the power to design interlocking into the hands of the customer by developing our own design software, SigScribe4.

SigScribe4 runs on Windows, Mac or Linux machines and can be downloaded free of charge.

We also offer non-interlocking Lever Frames for those who simply want to operate turnout points without the need to interlock with signals.

Our WIT products offer a clever way to operate points and signals using wire-in-tube. The unique slipping-clutch mechanisms permit easy setup without concern about stressing points or making semaphores over-travel or not achieving full travel of the controlling lever.

Optional Auxiliary Switch units permit our lever frames to operate devices electrically if desired.

In The MODRATEC Shop, you will find a full array of Lever Frames, wire-in-tube (WIT) components, and basic electrical products applicable to railway modelling. Our WIT Starter Packs are particularly popular, either for controlling a goods yard or fiddle yard, or simply for getting a feel for how effective our WIT system is.

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Pluggable Terminal Block
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6-Lever Starter Pack
6-Lever Starter Pack
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12-Lever Starter Pack
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