Cable Calculator

Use this on-line calculator to estimate the current carrying capacity of any cable that has copper conductors.

Estimations are based on a current density of 10 A per mm2 (6451.6 A per inch2). You need to satisfy yourself that the quoted current density is correct for your application by taking into account local legislative issues as well as design matters such as ambient temperature, ventilation and the bundling of cables.

This Calculator applies to steady Direct Current (dc) situations. It also applies to time-varying current situations such as Alternating Current (ac) in which case voltage and current figures are the Root Mean Square (rms) values.

If you are determining the resistance or voltage drop of a circuit on the basis of the distance between a source and a load, don't forget to double the figures to allow for the forward and return paths.

Enter number of strands in cable

Enter diameter of each strand

mm inch

Show Voltage Drop for a current of


Use conductor temperature of

C °F

Cross-sectional Area =

0.113 mm2

Current Rating =

1.13 A

Resistance per unit length =

0.16742 ohms/metre

Voltage Drop per unit length at specified current =

0.16742 volts/metre

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