SigScribe4 version 1.1 is free.

Because SigScribe4 is primarily a tool for designing MODRATEC Lever Frame Kits, MODRATEC has decided to offer it free of charge to all. We do, however, require you to register your ownership of the product so that we can advise you of updates to SigScribe4. Please refer to the License Agreement for information about support for SigScribe4 users.

New Download Arrangement

On 10 December, 2011, we changed our download process. You now download SigScribe4 and associated files via The MODRATEC Shop.

Registered on OLD SYSTEM

If you had previously registered as a SigScribe4 user via our earlier system, then your details have been transferred to the new system - with one exception. We could not transfer your password. To re-activate your existing registration, please click this link [Re-activate registration], or you may click the 'Forgot your password?' link later when you log in to The MODRATEC Shop.

New User

If you are not registered as a SigScribe4 user please click this link [The MODRATEC Shop Log In], then select the Downloads category.

Registered on NEW SYSTEM

If you are registered as a SigScribe4 user in the new system please click this link [The MODRATEC Shop - Downloads].

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