Time and Patience - Peter Lewis and Gary Walters

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Time and Patience

Scale detail evident in boomgate

Loco 3046 waits for the green

An exhibition layout based on a fictitious town on the southern outskirts of Newcastle, NSW. Consisting of rural, rail and residential buildings, brought together to create a realistic diorama.

Street corner showing attention to detail

Cast iron water tank

3 aspect signal with turnout indicator

All structures and buildings are replicas of existing buildings. The structures and associated detail have been scratch built from photos and measurements obtained from individual properties.

Tourist waiting at level crossing

Realistic farm scene

Attention to detail is evident in this shot

The signals and level crossing warning lights are hand made. The signals are 3 aspect, using LEDs and photo sensors for signal operation. The control circuits are from Ken Stone's "Electronics for Model Railways" Book 2. The addition of operating signals and warning lights adds to the realism of the layout and another dimension for the viewer.

Weekend chores

Detailed streetscape

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